Absolutely positively the most important thing you can do to help companion animals in Iowa is to let your state officials know that animal welfare is important to you! We’ll make it SUPER simple for you to do!

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    Do you want to know what we’ve been up to? Are you wondering if we’re making progress? We’ll keep a running commentary of our goings-on so you’ll be in-the-know!

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    We’re keeping track of how your state legislators are voting on bills that affect companion animals. This information is important to know when election time comes around. If you don’t know who your legislators are, we’ll help you figure that out.

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Who We Are

We are Iowans concerned about the welfare of companion animals.

We want better laws to protect them and we expect those laws to be enforced. Our goal is to become a significant advocate for companion animals in Iowa. We will accomplish this through education and grassroots advocacy. .

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