2018 Candidate Report Card


We’ve compiled our 2018 Candidate Report Card to help you and all Iowa voters easily identify and vote for pro-animal candidates this election year. Pro-animal candidates are those willing and committed to protecting Iowa’s dogs and companion animals from cruelty. This political report card gives each candidate a letter grade based on answers to IVCA’s candidate survey, incumbents’ voting record on animal welfare bills, and extra credit for key actions such as co-sponsoring a bill.


This year’s midterm elections on November 6th are critical.


Iowa is failing our companion animals.


Too many of our current legislators are failing our companion animals.


Iowa is currently ranked 49th in the nation for our lack of adequate animal protection laws and third in the nation for the large number of puppy mills allowed to remain.


Positive, commonsense bills that would provide better protections for dogs, puppies, and all companion animals, however, did not receive enough support during the 2018 legislative session to pass into law. Our companion animals and our communities remain at risk.


The good news? If our lawmakers won’t change the laws, we can simply change our lawmakers! Simply vote for pro-animal candidates this November to take action for compassion and against cruelty!


Senate and House Districts
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Contact Candidates
Find all 2018 candidate contact information here. Send a thank you to pro-animal candidates, ask those with “?” where they stand on companion animal welfare, and encourage those not making the grade to reconsider their anti-animal position.


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