Iowa has the 2nd largest number of large-scale commercial dog-breeding facilities, AKA puppy mills, in the nation. They house a combined 15,000+ adult dogs. Many mills house 200, 300, even more than 1000 adult breeding dogs! One breeder in Lee county (SE Iowa) often has 1500+ adult dogs on-hand.

These facilities are USDA licensed and inspected. Unfortunately that does NOT guarantee that the animals are being treated humanely. In fact the vast majority of dogs in Iowa puppy mills are subjected to horrendous conditions. Visit the website of our sister organization, Iowa Friends of Companion Animals, to see photos.

About Us

We are Iowans concerned about the welfare of companion animals. We want better laws to protect them and we expect those laws to be enforced. Our goal is to become a significant advocate for companion animals in Iowa. We will accomplish this through education and grassroots advocacy. Our organization is led by a board of directors consisting of professionals in the areas of law, finance and business consulting. Two additional ex-officio members with expertise in non-profit management and grassroots lobbying round out the board.

Our Mission Statement

“To advance the humane and responsible treatment of companion animals through education and grassroots advocacy.”

Our Vision

“To make Iowa’s pet-related animal-welfare laws the best and most rigorously enforced in the nation.”

Our Strategy

“Consistently inform and engage voters from across Iowa.  Utilize data and a compelling story to build grassroots advocacy and action.”

What We’re About

Our focus is on grassroots engagement to influence legislation to improve Iowa animal-welfare laws that pertain to the commercial pet trade. We will also work to educate and support the law enforcement and judicial communities in the enforcement and administration of those laws. Our goal is to lobby for changes to Iowa law to provide for greater protection of the thousands of dogs in Iowa’s USDA-licensed commercial dog breeding facilities, also referred to as puppy mills. We expect breeders to be 100% in compliance with those laws.